Daylight Sensor LED Light

Our Daylight Sensor LED Light series are including the Daylight Sensor LED High Bay Light, the Daylight Sensor Street Light,the Daylight Sensor LED Panel Light etc.
Daylight harvesting LED Lighting Fixtures 
Technology now allows the use of multiple LED Chips surface mounted onto one board. This provides for a smaller, lighter designs with powerful light output, and it gives more accurate beam angles, better diffusion, and longer life.

At the same time,It supplies a simple and effective solution for daylight harvesting. connecting to 1-10V interface and using photocell to measure ambient lux level and automatically calculate how much artificial light is needed, and then convert the amount of light to 1-10V dimmable control gears (ballasts or LED drivers).1-10v dimmable control gears adjust the lighting output according to the signal from the daylight sensor. 


Daylight Harvesting Sensor Control–provide an energy saving without sacrificing visual comfort.
1-100% dimming–adjust lighting output according to the signal from daylight sensor.
With ambient lighting dependent control
Simply setting of target light level by means of potentiometer.

Daylight Sensor

Daylight Sensor