Design the underground parking lot lighting

How to design the underground parking lot lighting ?
If you want to do a underground parking lots | garage project, no matter you are the party A, design or manufacturer, please refer to this conclusion:

The Parking lot lighting design and practical tips:

Parking Lot|Garage Size:
lamps and lanterns installation height of 3.2 m; Lane width 6.5 meters; Size 5 x 2.5 meters parking Spaces.

Lane of lamps and lanterns decorate:
Lane central single row, the lamp is apart from the (-) in 2.8 ~ 3.0 m.

Parking arrangement of lamps and lanterns:
lamps and lanterns is according to the parking place, is the gap of every two cars.

underground parking lot lighting-0

underground parking lot lighting-0

For easy to remember and use, we recommend the completely same layout method and the choice of lamps and lanterns (T8 LED bulb with control cover). Change is according to different standards, different wattage.

Illuminance standard 30 lx residential garage, selection of lamps and lanterns advice:

Parking 900 lm (about 11 w lamp); Lane 1200 lm (about 15 w lamp)

Public garage, lamps and lanterns of illuminance standard 50 lx selection Suggestions:

Parking 1200 lm (about 15 w lamp); Lane 1500 lm (approximately 18 w bulb)

Note: items should stipulate the whole light flux of the lamps and lanterns of lumen (lm), rather than regulation power of lamps and lanterns! The power of each manufacturer/lumen data there will be some difference.

If the garage condition, the choice of lamps and lanterns, unlike the chestnuts, please adjust the spacing in proportion.

Look at the full:

First take a look at the gb building lighting design standard GB50034-2013 “regulation:

Residential buildings: the garage ground illumination 30 lx; Lighting power density value is 2.0 W/m or less current squared; The target of 1.8 W/m or less squared;

Public buildings: 50 lx garage ground illumination; Lighting power density value is 2.5 W/m or less current squared; The target of 2.0 W/m or less squared.

How do you now cloth lamp? Or use “backstepping method”? “Power density limit by area = the total power of lamps and lanterns”. Then select the total power consumption of lamps and lanterns is not more than he OK? Believe that you have participated in the new national standard stable cross, is no longer use this kind of mistake method. And I won’t tell you: if according to the arrangement of the power density, the owner will be reluctant to turn on the light, the lamps and lanterns into the decoration, the owner dark take car…

Not only turn off half, half also pulled down the tubes. Equivalent illuminance now only a quarter of the design value. So, don’t press the LPD again pushed, or did you figure out ~

However, some of the old computing tools, I’m afraid no new lamp for you? You still believe that some LED factory give you publicity “LED energy saving 80%”?

Come on, we use the advanced and accurate DIALux evo, recommend you to calculate a rely on the experience of the spectrum, save money, and energy saving method.

underground parking lighting-1

underground parking lighting-1

underground parking lot lighting-2

underground parking lot lighting-2

Pictured above, lane parking and setting calculation area respectively.

How to arrangement of lamps and lanterns to both energy saving and conform to the national standard?

For a period of time (don’t tell you how long), after we got the following results:

Residential garage simulation

Underground parking lot lighting-3

Underground parking lot lighting-3

30 lx illuminance standard achieved national standard requirements.

Lighting power density: 1.0 W/m squared; Better than the national standard regulations, the current value of 2.0 W/m squared; The target value of 1.8 W/m squared.

Public garage simulation

Underground Parking lot lighting -4

Underground Parking lot lighting -4

Implements the national standard of 50 lx illuminance standard.

Lighting power density: 1.3 W/m squared; Is better than the national standard regulations: the current value of 2.5 W/m squared; The target value of 2.0 W/m squared.

Here’s the thing: we use the lamp? How to decorate?

Good question! Now go back and read it again to the conclusion.

However, if your garage complex like below… Hurry please lighting engineer help you solve.

Underground parking lot lighting-5

Underground parking lot lighting-5

Finally, if the customer also want to have more energy efficient, you can choose “intelligent induction lamp”. We are here to remind two points:

1, do not choose the induction switch lamp, should choose induction “light”. Normal work 11 w, low power 2 w. In order to ensure the operation of the low power, all has the certain basic security lighting.

2, tube induction range. Only bright under the car came to light, it is too late ~ ~ remember: drive is to see the front!