LED High Bay Light compare with HPS

At present, LED High Bay Lights are widely application al lover the world. Clients have requirements of high watts series. And LEDs’s thermal conductivity is very important.
GreenWayOpto choose High efficient LED Source , such as Nichia Osram CREE PHILIPS. Their LED efficiency 145- 150 lm/w.
LED Source’s high efficiency , it just means less heat , more light.   And our heatsink’s materials are Aluminum.

When High pressure sodium lamp<HPS Fixture> working, it puts out the gold white light, with high luminous efficiency, less consumption, long life, strong ability to penetrate the fog and trap, etc. Increased supply voltage of high-voltage sodium lamp, the lamp power will increase, such as the voltage rating of 110%, the lamp power will amount to about 128% of the rating. For road lighting, after midnight, the voltage rise a lot, light output power and luminous flux increased significantly, while it is not need high intensity of illumination, so use SELB or LB to supply voltage rises, remained the bulb power basically remain unchanged, of great significance to energy conservation, to prolong the service life of the bulb and ballast at the same time also have obvious effect.

Compare information below
1. The Power Density
Traditional Light Fixtures , such HPS HID 10watts- 25watts /Square Metre
LED Lighting Fixtures, only need 3watts- 10watt /Square Metre.

GreenWayOpto LED High Bay Light Fixtures : HPS = 1:5
We only need 1/5Watt HPS.

3. PF
GreenWayOpto LED High Bay Light’s PF ≥0.96
HPS’s PF = 0.6

4. Power Efficiency
LED Power   ≥0.98
HPS’s = 0.6

5. Life
LED Fixtures’ Life > 50,000.00 hours
HPS’s Life is only 3,000.00-8,000.00 Hours

6. Choosing the LED lighting can reduce lighting cables and transformer capacity, compared with the traditional lighting, at least can reduce the investment of more than half of the transformer and cable.