underground parking Lighting Design Tubes

underground parking Lighting Design Tubes T8
PIR Sensor LED T8 Tube Light apply in Underground Parking Lot.

Underground parking lot lighting

Such site lighting in addition to the common ground parking lot to meet the lighting requirements, should also consider some of the following requirements:

1. The underground parking lot need to divided into lighting during the day and night lighting two cases

2. The entrance to entrance area need to consider the transition of lighting, and the need to provide the appropriate level of intensity of illumination and vertical illuminance.

3. The ramp slope road section of the lighting lighting should be higher than the flat road section, and should consider the vertical and horizontal intensity of illumination

The intensity of illumination.

The pedestrian

4. Pedestrian passageway including planar walkway of parking lot and ascended the stairs of the ground, stair section

Lighting should provide the right level of intensity of illumination and vertical illuminance.

5. The space environment of the underground parking lot is a special place, closed, depression, psychological anxiety, therefore, should be

Through illumination to improve the underground space environment atmosphere, build open effect, reduce the closed space to take to person’s repressive and constraint, the methods include vertical plane on the appropriate lighting brightness, light tones, lighting, lighting of metope, ceiling lighting (open ceiling make various crisscrossed pipes exposed, if they hide in dark space lighting, often brings more uncertainty and unpredictability, causing people psychological anxiety), clear lighting sign or logo, etc.

Parking lots light

Parking lots light